A different k-12 cyber experience

Welcome to Mountie Cyber Learning Academy. We’re a different k-12 cyber school experience, where students get all the resources of the school district plus all the convenience of 100% online learning.

  • Get full access to athletic programs, clubs, band, school counseling, and more
  • Receive a diploma from South Williamsport Area School District (upon successful completion of program)
  • Enjoy total flexibility to learn and study at your own pace, in any location

The Best Cyber School Choice is What Fits Your Life Best.

Download our Mountie Cyber Academy Flyer

Here are the Top-Five Reasons students and families should consider Mountie Cyber Learning Academy:

  1. A custom experience – Focus more on areas of learning that fit your interests. Simply put, you choose what you want to learn. If your interests change, so can your course of study.
  2. Focus on learning, not test-taking – Does test anxiety hurt your performance? Not anymore. Take and re-take tests until its clear you’ve mastered the material. It’s the knowledge, not the test, that’s most important.
  3. Learn from anywhere – Thanks to the internet, learning can happen just about everywhere, from bedrooms to park benches to coffee shops. Our philosophy: It’s what you learn, not where you learn it, that counts most.
  4. Self-paced – Everybody learns at different speeds. We embrace every student’s pace and style of learning. Reaching your goals, not how fast you reach them, is what it’s all about.
  5. Flexibility – Nothing should get in the way of learning. So, we’ve cleared all roadblocks. Whatever you want to learn, however you want to learn it, whoever you want to become – we’ll help you get there.